Exhibition by Artist Roger Von Gunten

Exhibition by Artist Roger Von Gunten

The exhibition named "Eden" by famous Mexican artist Roger von Gunten opened in the National Museum of Kazakhstan. The exposition presents 20 paintings created by the artist at different periods of his life. Roger von Gunten was born in Zurich in 1933. He left for Mexico in 1957. The talented artist was inspired by Mexican tropical nature, and influenced by the ancient culture of the Aztecs, Mayans and Indians. His palette blossomed with bright colors of tropical greens, azure sea, sun and sand. Roger von Gunten created his own painting style saturated with chromatic colors and distinctive contours. He held more than 200 exhibitions in such countries as Switzerland, Spain, France, England, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Japan and Georgia.


- Roger von Gunten made a great contribution to the development of contemporary art in Mexico. He is one of the founders of "La Ruptura" movement, which arose in the 1960s. Subsequently, the movement became known as the "generation gap". The artists of this wave denied the dogmatic and formal traditions of postwar painting.

The exhibition is held to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Mexico. Colorful paintings will be exhibited until November 30.