Manshuk Mametova's 95th Anniversary

Commemoration events were held to mark the 95th  anniversary of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Manshuk Mametova, in the Pskov region in Russia.

The name Manshuk is equally honored by both Kazakhstanis and all residents of the Pskov region, scouts say. They conduct excursions to the places of military glory of the WWII heroes in order to preserve the memory of the valiant warriors. Traditionally, the expedition visited the village of Zaiivane, where the machine gunner of the hundredth rifle brigade joined the last deadly battle.


- If you ask any kid and any resident of Pskov region who Manshuk Mametova is they all will say that she was the WWII heroin. They remember her feat. This is for sure.

Young scientist of Toraigyrov Pavlodar State University Aslan Azerbayev has arrived in Pskov region in order to unearth the remains and study military archives, and also to visit the WWII battle fields.


- Young people should know the history and WWII heroes; they should visit mass graves and see the former battle fields.

The commemoration march to mark the anniversary of Manshuk Mametova and the 74th anniversary of her feat brought together all the city residents. Hundreds of WWII soldiers and officers rest on the central military burial place, including the legendary colonel Abylkhair Baimuldin and sniper Ibraim Suleimenov. A large delegation of Kazakhs living in Russia paid tribute to Manshuk Mametova. They agreed to meet in Pskov again to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the city from the fascists.