Premiere of ‘Teniz’ video clip

The tragedy of the Aral Sea was conveyed through music and dance: well-known Kazakh ballet dancer Doszhan Tabyldy presented a video clip dedicated to this environmental problem. It is a ballet performance with elements of ethno-folklore to the accompaniment of the ancient musical instrument kyl-kobyz. The scenery is the dried bottom of the sea. The laureate of the First President's Foundation’s prize tried to show the image of the spirit of the earth on the screen. Bakhytnur Duysenbayeva, finalist of the Bile Kazakhstan TV project, played the role of the sea spirit.


- It was an instant idea. I think it's a message from above. When I staged choreography, I chose music of Korkyt-Ata. He is the creator of kobyz. You know how powerful the kobyz music is. It pierced me every rehearsal, I was so inspired.


- The author doesn’t just demonstrate his talent but rises up the important issue. The video clip is very interesting. I liked the work of a cameraman and a director, such an unusual approach. I think this work deserves recognition abroad as well.

One of the features of the clip is a non-stop filming. The crew has worked in difficult conditions at the bottom of the dry sea for two days. The project was implemented with the support of the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan.