Musical theater stages new premiere

The first Kazakh musical theater has presented another premiere titled “Astana – My Love” on the stage of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana. This is the third performance premiered by the young theater. It tells the story of two young students Nurzhan and Zhanar, who fly to Astana from Paris to take part in a song contest. They fall in love and find happiness in Astana.


- The whole troupe of our young theater is involved in the play. Through our choreography, the vocal parts, we want to say that not only European cities like Paris, but also Astana is a city of love, a city of dreams. We want our spectators to plunge into the energy of youth and beautiful atmosphere of Astana.

Young and talented actor Salamat Mukashev plays the main character Nurzhan. At the very beginning, his hero appears to be a real rationalist, who appreciates only material wealth, comfort and entertainment. He has never loved anyone before. Later true feelings make him undergo a personal transformation.


- I cannot say that this is my character, he doesn’t resemble my own personality, but he is free. He falls in love with a woman. This feeling will change his life, his thoughts and his world view. The story has a happy ending.

Classical music arrangements, Abai Kunanbayev’s songs and many modern compositions by Arthur Orenburgsky are featured in the musical. The performance was taken positively by the public at its premiere. The theater troupe is planning to tour across Kazakhstan with the musical.