Solo exhibition by Kazakh artist Adilgali Bayandin

The solo exhibition of Adilgali Bayandin has been opened in the Museum Library of the First President of Kazakhstan. The exhibition showcases approximately 50 paintings including, “Hunter”, “Warrior” and “Black Sand”. Through the author’s works, visitors can discover the romantic world of a nomadic life. The canvases depict mighty warriors (batyrs), hunters, eagle hunters, poets, horses and camels. The author uses bright colors to captivate the viewers fully immersing them into the plot of the paintings.


- I want to show the sketches of my future paintings. Usually we see the completed works. Other works get unnoticed. It's very difficult to work with watercolor. When I paint with watercolor I don’t make sketches in pencil instead I brush immediately.

Today the Kazakh artist’s paintings can be found in the museums of Kazakhstan, the US, Germany, Korea, and the Baltic countries and also in private collections around the world. Adilgali Bayandin is not only a painter, but also a designer, an author of book illustrations and mausoleum projects.