Kazakh culture festival was held in London

Kazakh culture festival was held in London. Kazakh Ambassador to the UK Erlan Idrissov highlighted the importance of holding such an event. He noted that the festival is an important part of the global project to promote the modern culture of Kazakhstan in the world. The festival was opened by the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater with the play "Zhauzhurek - Brave Heart". This is a story of love for the homeland and people. The main character of the play is Baluan Sholak, a singer, musician, desperate steppe knight. He fights colonization and challenges tsarist Russia. He decides to kidnap the daughter of a military official in order to release fellow villagers and his family, deported for organizing the uprising, from the prison. Theater actor Yerlan Bilyalov played the main part in the play.


- Kazakhstan aims to promote the Kazakh culture worldwide. I think today we are trying to do such steps, we are achieving our goals.

The play "Zhauzhurek" is based on the play of famous Kazakh writer, playwright, State Award laureate Dulat Isabekov.


- Our President announced spiritual renewal of the nation to the whole world, he even consulted us. We should not just tell that everything is good. We should promote Kazakhstan abroad, publish books, stage plays, and show our films. This is the proper response to the President’s task.

The play featured English subtitles. Representatives of political, business and academic circles of Great Britain, members of the Kazakh-British society, heads of diplomatic missions could appreciate the play of Kazakh actors. The performance was also attended by the representatives of the Kazakh diaspora and the media.


- That play was absolutely wonderful. It was a great exposition of great acting cause you know there is a great tradition of acting in the United Kingdom and that really was up with some of the great performances in our country.

The State Republican Academic Korean Theater performed musical comedy "Actress" by Dulat Isabekov in the UK. The local troupe of London Pajarito Theater has staged "Akku Zhibek" play in English for the first time.