What monuments of Kazakhstan in need of restoration?

Kazakhstan has a number of historical and cultural monuments with a long history, including real pearls of ancient and medieval art as well as oriental architecture. Restoration works on the monuments have already begun in Turkestan. The territory of the state historical and cultural sight - Azrt-Sultan museum reserve is under reconstruction. It has recently been added to the sacral map of both the region and the country. Restoration is required for the inner side of the arch of the Khoja Ahmed Yasawi mausoleum. Crypts of Iskander and Yesimkhan are being restored, too. The restoration works have been completed at the gates of Zheti ata.


- Last year, the specialists of KazRestoration conducted a study which led to produce a brick-built treasure by using a new solution that lets air in and doesnt allow moisture to pass through. We’re planning to finish these works this year.

The reconstructed Ybyray Altynsarin mausoleum was opened in the Kostanai region. Restoration was conducted by a construction organization, which works with facilities of historical and cultural significance. The Mangystau granite and limestone-shell rock from the Zhanaozen quarry served as the main material for the reconstruction. Techniques of ancient masters were applied during stone processing.


- The limestone is more malleable. I can sculpt and shape anything from it. After some time, the limestone becomes firm. Thanks to the wind and the rain, it becomes stronger.

The mausoleum has become higher and its area has almost doubled. The new and restored historical and cultural facility and 5 more structures may become one of the sacral facilities of Kazakhstan. This will be clear after a visit of the expedition by the National Geographic Society to the region.