A monograph of the famous Kazakh scientist Nemat Kelimbetov was presented in Baku

Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are strengthening cultural and humanitarian ties. The monograph of famous Kazakh scientist Nemat Kelimbetov translated into Azerbaijani was presented at the 5th International Book Fair in Baku. The author worked on the monograph named "Ancient Literary Monuments of the Turkic Nations" for a long time; he investigated general patterns of the formation of epics and dastans. The scientist studied the most ancient layers of the Kazakh culture, the book’s translators say.


 - A very valuable work of great Kazakh thinker, scientist Nemat Kelimbetov "Ancient Literary Monuments of the Turkic Nations" was presented in Azerbaijan. This is his third book published here. This book is about the interaction, historical ties of the Turkic peoples, similarity of their culture. The scientist has extensively presented both the creative and scientific legacy of the greatest thinkers of the Turkic world.

Translation of such fundamental scientific works entails some difficulties. The translator must have a wide knowledge of history and understand the literature, philologists say.


 - The book provides extensive encyclopedic information about the dastans (epics) and outstanding personalities of the Turkic peoples. It took a year to translate the book. It was necessary to study about 20 sources, because this book contains huge historical and literary information about the Turks, and also about the ethnogenesis of the Kazakh people. The book contains many poetic fragments in the Kazakh language. Therefore, we even studied the Kazakh language in order to convey the meaning and spirit of the text more accurately.

The book is available in all libraries in Azerbaijan. It will soon appear on the shelves of bookstores. The authors of the translation believe that this work will be useful for Azerbaijani researchers since it contains valuable information about little-known Turkic literary genres and their development.