In Atyrau Museum of Local History there was an exhibition of antiquarian objects

The Atyrau Museum of Local History is hosting an exhibition titled "Copperware of our Grandmothers" where antiques like copper samovars, teapots and trays were presented. The exposition is dedicated to customs and lifestyle of the Kazakh people of the 19th and early 20th centuries.


- What I have seen and heard is not only interesting but also informative. Today I’ve understood why my grandmother kept milk in a copper thrush. Copper keeps milk from spoiling.

The exhibition presents a variety of copper teapots kumgans which are narrow-necked jars. Kazakh people still use them. The kumgans have a rich history. For example, this small kumgan of exquisite form was served to the relatives of a bride or a groom. Some of the exhibits are true rarities. The expositions includes a Tula samovar made at the Shamarin brothers' factory and the centuries old ashtray in the form of a frog.


 - This legen is very rare. This basin has a decorative. Once, such legen was a sign of prosperity in the house.

Samovars, teapots, trays and jars of intricate designs have great historical value today.