A new "Kazakhstan-Korea Friendship Garden" park has been opened in Astana

A new "Kazakhstan-Korea Friendship Garden" park has been opened in Astana. The construction expenses were covered by the government of South Korea that invested almost $2 million. Amazing beautiful trees, flower beds, shrubs, ponds, and buildings in the Korean style will bring joy to Astana citizens all year round. The new park is meant to become a symbol of strong and friendly relations between Kazakhstan and South Korea that have lasted for 25 years.


 - Kazakhstan and Korea have a promising relationship. We cooperate not only in the oil and gas sector, but also in promotion of SMEs, education, and, of course, after the EXPO, we see the potential for joint cooperation in the field of renewable energy sources. I hope that this garden will become a favorite place of the locals, and will remind everyone of our close ties.

A unique exhibition of seven Korean photographers opened in the National Museum. It demonstrates how Korea has changed since the 1970s. It was the time when a technical revolution started and reshaped the lifestyle of the Koreans. All 123 photographs as one great documentary tell about the traditions and development of the East Asian state.


 - This exhibition features more than 20 of my photos. They are black and white because I believe that such photographs are the basis, there is too much noise in color photographs, in my opinion. You will not see what I once captured in my pictures again, when you come to Korea. Therefore, my section in this exhibition is called "Lost Image of Korea."

The exhibition "Images of Korea" was successfully held in many countries, including Hungary, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Spain. In Astana, it will last until October 18.