“Kazakh Oner” arts and traditional crafts center has been opened in Almaty

“Kazakh Oner” arts and traditional crafts center has been opened in Almaty. The center takes up 800-square meters and features a shopping gallery, workshops, a multimedia center of traditional music and a restaurant of national cuisine. The center is bringing together the artisans from Almaty and those who are committed to preserving traditional crafts. Souvenirs from natural materials are made right in front of visitors.


- Craftsmen are ambassadors of culture. Their masterpieces reflect our lifestyle in a very poetic way. This is a unique project of government support to our local craftsmen.

Here, visitors can buy handmade products which embody traditions of the ancient nomadic life, and learn how to make some of them by taking master classes. The crafts center has been opened as part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program in order to popularize folk and applied arts and to develop tourism. The rent prices are reasonable.


- Comfortable conditions are given for masters and craftsmen who have just began. We are happy with the rent.

Businesses will also support the craftsmen. The local craftsmen are already making deals with travel agencies and looking for corporate clients.