Exhibition “Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia” is open in the British Museum in London

A glimpse into an ancient civilization of the nomads, an exhibition “Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia” is open in the British Museum in London from September 2017 to January 2018. One of the main exhibitors is the National Museum of Kazakhstan. The exhibition presents household items, clothes, weapons, gold ornaments of the ancient nomadic tribes. Human remains are also preserved in the permafrost conditions. Horse riding gear and accessories are exhibited in a separate section.



 - First, this is absolutely spectacular. I think it would be a great discovery for many people not only from Great Britain but all over the world to discover these nomads who dominated incredibly huge area.


Over the past 40 years, this is the first major exhibition in the UK devoted to the Scythian culture. The National Museum of Kazakhstan has provided 17 unique items for the exhibition. The Saka dagger of the "Golden Man" from the Issyk Mound attracted a special interest among the visitors. A silver bowl, a bracelet made in animal style and other rare archaeological finds from the burials of Taksai, Berel, Taldy are among other exhibits provided by Kazakhstan



-  It was a real pleasure to represent a museum at the opening of your national museum in Astana a few years ago and from that begun the idea that we would like to borrow some pieces for this exhibition, this BP exhibition.


The exhibition also presents exhibits from the collections of the Royal Family, the State Hermitage Museum of Russia, and the UK’s oldest Ashmolean Museum. The visitors can get acquainted with the exposition within four months.



 - This exhibition is absolutely fascinating because Scythians were very mysterious people. So fairly recently, well, 18th century, we dint really know much about them at all.


 - I saw a beautiful gold dagger, brought from Kazakhstan. It's really amazing. People hundreds of years ago were able to create such things.


During the exhibition, the Kazakh Embassy in the UK plans to hold a separate presentation of the exhibits brought from our country. The parties also intend to discuss ways of further cooperation between the largest museums of the United Kingdom and Kazakhstan.