Ethno-folklore-jazz festival of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan was held in Astana

The best Kazakh and foreign musical groups performed in the ethno-cultural complex. The complex hosted the ethno-folklore-jazz festival of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan which aims to preserve cultural heritage of all ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan through familiarization with popular musical trends. According to organizers, modern music is perfectly combined with elements of ethno-folklore. Thus, a special style is born as a separate direction of Kazakh music. Participants not only demonstrated skill through the performance, but also conducted master classes.



- This festival is very good because it has a new style which is now developing not only in Kazakhstan, but all over the world. Our ethno cultural association and other ensembles show their art and creativity, so that our people become acquainted with this style.


The republican Ethno-Fashion festival was held under auspices of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. 10 designers and craftsmen from the country’s regions presented their works in a national style. There were showcases of men's, women's, youth and children's clothes, ethnic costumes of Kazakh people, as well as office clothing, decorated with elements of traditional ornaments.



- For 5 years I had studied history of national ornaments, their meaning and cuts of national ornaments. Moreover, I had trained for 10 years from artist Anuar Otegen-Tan. Of course, all of this came in handy in my life. I graduated from several European high fashion schools and faculty of design and combined it with national culture. As a result, a very high-quality product was obtained which can be boasted on the world's catwalks.