Exhibition ‘Mecca on silver stamps of Moscow mint’

Exhibition ‘Mecca on silver stamps of Moscow mint’

A collection of 40 silver marks with the image of the holy Mecca is exhibited in the National Museum of Kazakhstan. During the month, this exhibition will decorate the hall of modern art. Stamps of precious 999-carat metal minted at the Moscow Mint, they are exact copies of the stamps issued in different years by the 24 Islamic countries, including - Afghanistan, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and others. According to Vladimir Prusakov - the organizer of the exhibition, the creation of this collection took about 2.5 years. The exhibition was held in different parts of Russia, and now has arrived in Kazakhstan.




Quite consuming and unique technology, a very, very difficult, all the stamps are in 3D format. This project is a continuation of our previous project "Silver Quran", "Silver Quran" was also made at the Moscow Mint; this is an absolute copy of the Quran of Uthman dated to the 8th century, which has reached our times. The first "Silver Quran" was presented to the President of Kazakhstan in the “Hazrat Sultan” Mosque.


Photo: www.stellapremium.ru