New film ‘Amre’ premieres in Astana

The film about the famous singer and musician Amre Kashaubayev premiered in Astana. The singer was called ‘Kazakh nugget’ since he once presented the national folklore of the Kazakh people in Europe. The movie narrates the enchanting performance of the artist in 1925 at the expo in Paris, an extraordinary success acclaimed by the public as well as the events during his trip. According to the film producers, the script sheds light on many hitherto unknown facts from the life of a famous musician.  


 - It was during the expo, international competitions took place and Amre got a worthy place at the exhibition in Paris. The significance of this film is very difficult to overestimate. This is our history. Let me note that the film was shot especially for international rental movies. We have a rich spiritual culture which needs to be shown to the world. We will get Amre’s talent to the international level.

The movie Amre is an international project. Filming started in Latvia, then continued in Los Angeles, the United States and ended in Kazakhstan. Young and talented Kazakh actor Sanzhar Madiyev starred Amre. The film is shown at domestic cinemas. The famous songs from Amre’s repertoire give the special atmosphere to the movies.