Kazakh film industry gains momentum

Kazakhstan’s film industry is on its rise. There are more internationally distributed Kazakh films. Director Akan Satayev’s historic drama “Road to Mother” is one of the most popular films. The film is already internationally acclaimed. It received top awards at film festivals in Spain, Russia and Croatia. The film was recognized at the WeLink film festival in New York as well. It was named the best in the “Accomplishment in Life” nomination. New York spectators were impressed by the mother’s love and the main character’s loyalty to his Motherland. The film festival gathered filmmakers of various genres from the U.S.A., China, South Korea, Sudan, Thailand, Japan, Kazakhstan and other countries. And later Kazakh filmmakers’ works were acknowledged at the UN headquarters in New York.


- Being from United States it is was amazing to see the perspective of Kazakhstan and the people from Kazakhstan, especially nomads. The cinematography was outstanding, it was beautiful, the whole film was beautiful. I think a mother’s love is international, I don’t think that there is, you know, boundaries. it was something I was comfortable with to see that kind of thing.


 - The film is impressive. It is nice to watch this story. The mother’s tender love is impressive. It is so strong, genuine and true. We don’t see much of it nowadays. And it is very nice that the film has covered this topic. I wish there were more films like this.

Kazakh film directors strengthen cooperation with their foreign colleagues. In June, Kazakh and Chinese filmmakers plan to jointly present a new film about composer Xian Xinghai and his life in Kazakhstan. The Kazakh Minister of Culture and Sports has noted that this film is the opportunity for Kazakh film industry to enter the Chines market. Meanwhile, Kazakh and Russian filmmakers are working together on the “Evacuation” film. And another joint project will soon be internationally distributed. The film “Amre” produced in cooperation with Hollywood companies is based on the life of outstanding Kazakh singer Amre Kashaubayev. It premieres April 5.


 - The tickets for the film are sold out. It surprised the film distributors. Now our films are demonstrated in prime time and the tickets are sold out for holidays. It’s a great accomplishment that our national films are so successful.

Art experts note that Kazakhstan recently has performed a great amount of work to enhance Kazakh culture’s competitiveness in the world. And this is primarily the achievement of Kazakh filmmakers. Their accomplishments at the international arena signify the establishment of the new era in Kazakhstan’s film industry.