Kazakh publishers and illustrators intend to produce cartoon films in the Latin alphabet

Kazakh publishers and illustrators intend to produce cartoon films in the Latin alphabet. The project authors are planning to produce a cycle of short educational animated films that will help children learn the Kazakh language in the Latin script. They believe that their project will have a national significance. The cartoons will be broadcast on Kazakh television.


Lyudmila Kirilinskaya is passionately engaged in this process. She is the author of the methodology of introducing trilingualism in pre-school education. She dedicated more than twenty years of her career to this work. She started publishing children’s literature in the late 1990s. According to Lyudmila, a child’s first perceptions are certainly visual. That’s why, in her opinion, images are very important. Images are created by the grandchildren of Abilkhan Kasteyev himself. The artists have illustrated dozens of books of the publishing house. They have become the most popular not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad. But unique illustrations to Kazakh folk fairy tales have become especially popular.


- We have been invited to England for an international book fair. We were immensely happy to see the joy on the faces of the English people. Ancient Kazakh legends are collected in the legends of the “Atameken” fairy tale land. And you should have seen that foreigners were pleased to read the legends of the “Atameken” fairy tale land.     

The publishing house plans to implement dozens more unique projects. The authors don’t question the benefits of these projects for the young generation and for Kazakhstan’s image in general.