Kazakhstan’s main animator plans to tell his “Silk Way Legend”

Kazakhstan’s main animator plans to tell his “Silk Way Legend”. Together with his colleagues from China, Russia and France Gali Myrzashev works on a full-length animation film. The main plot is about the most relevant topics of today – the ancient route that unites countries and continents. The first sketches of the upcoming film are ready. It was performed by a Russian animator, the creator the fantastic cartoon film “Kin-Dza-Dza”, Alexander Kramtsov. The intent to work together at a project was expressed 5 years ago at a film festival in Suzdal.


- At a public press-conference, where the Chinese, Russian and foreign representatives were present, I said as an aspiring producer, that there are universal topics. For example, the topic of the Silk Way is close to me. Let’s unite if you are interested. Ever since from 2013 we have done a lot of work. For me, as a nomad, it is important to build a bridge between the East and the West and to promote silk to the West.

The author of the project associates the silk with a girl whose name is Zhibek. Zhibek is translated from Kazakh as silk. In Gali Myrzashev’s opinion, it is going to be a film with an original plot where a dragon shows kindness and befriends the girl. The animator’s colleagues believe that the film is going to be promising. They note that the animation about the Silk Way is going to be Kazakhstan’s first international project implemented without government support. The author is searching for investors now. He has conveyed the film’s production rights to the French party.  


 - We earn money primarily on production. But, ideally, of course, it would be great to earn on film distribution and sales. It is what Gali is pursuing. And I can see the progress and the topic itself are good. And possibly his film will enter a market, a real market, not a government contract.

There are several films that Gali Myrzashev has created at the request of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Culture. The animator’s works include such films as “Baikonur”, “Kokserek”. The animator’s children always become his first demanding viewers.


 - I think that the father is judging the success of his works on me and my sister. And this new project about the Silk Way has a more international status. Me and my sister even participated in its translation.

Gali Myrzashev is known not only as an animator. His unusual surrealistic pictures were presented at international expositions numerous times. Now the artist believes that the “Silk Way Legend” soon will be appreciated by millions of viewers.