The young directors were awarded the annual "Kino Start" prize in Astana

The young directors were awarded the annual

Students studying in Astana created 15 films that are recognized as bright and expressive pictures conveying social and intellectual topics. The young directors were awarded the annual "Kino Start" prize in Astana. Film critics of the Kazakh National University of Arts initiated the new award. According to the film critics, today a new generation of competitive cinematographers is formed in the country. Last year, 40 films directed by the students took part in the competition. This year the number of films directed by the university students increased to 50. The genres of films include documentaries, animation, short films and television projects. The works of directors, cameramen and actors are rewarded, too. According to the organizers, the "Kino Start" prize is aimed at supporting the young talents since they can contribute to further qualitative development of the film industry in Kazakhstan.


 - I think this is such a big scale. In general, I’m amazed by a serious approach of assessing the movies. I see the students began to address some very serious topics like modernity, history and reflection of some social problems. On the other hand they are young and they use new things like virtual reality and fantasy genre. Therefore, this year I think I was mostly impressed by the variety of themes and forms in which these movies and stories are reflected.