Documentary about Kazakhs living abroad presented in Astana

The first series of the documentary film about the Kazakhs living abroad was presented in Astana. The film shows the life and history of the Kazakhs living in the far and near abroad. The project team did a great job. The film crew traveled thousands of kilometers, visited unique places and met heroes of the film. The main characters mastered their native language and can communicate, sing, and read the Kazakh classics.


 - We have been to Tashkent, Samarkand and Nauai where we have filmed the lifestyle, history, culture and ethnographic values of the local Kazakhs. It's not a secret that approximately 1 million Kazakhs live in Uzbekistan. We also visited the cities of Tajikistan, specifically, Dushanbe, Khatlon, Sody and Kurgan tobe. Approximately 3000 Kazakhs live in Tajikistan. The trips to Afghanistan, China and Iran are expected. The film duration is 25 minutes. It was shot as a documentary reportage genre. We are going to translate the film into Russian and English.

The documentary film, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the World Association of Kazakhs. The documentary film consists of 8 series. The authors highlighted that this large-scale project will include the most interesting facts.