Days of Uzbek cinema to be held in Kazakhstan

Days of Uzbek cinema will be held in Kazakhstan. The Kazakh Ambassador and the head of "Uzbekkino" agreed to organize the festival as part of the year of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan. In their opinion, cooperation between fraternal nations in the film industry will bring the younger generations closer and strengthen cultural ties. The parties suggested developing a "road map" on joint projects in documentary, journalistic and feature films. It was also decided to create a joint creative group of professional screenwriters, filmmakers and cameramen. Uzbekistan is currently working on a film about its national warrior, Jalal ad-Din Manguberdi, the second part of the film is planned to be shot in Kazakhstan due to the access to good decorations and an opportunity to hire a group of professional Kazakhstani stuntmen.


 - Indeed, we should implement many joint projects with Kazakhstan in the film industry because we have a lot in common with the Kazakh nation: language, religion, customs and worldview. We are a single community and therefore our cooperation should be expanded.