Kiev hosts premiere of documentary film ‘Kazakh Dance’

The premiere of the documentary film "Kazakh Dance" shot in Shaken Aimanov Kazakhfilm film studio took place in the Ukrainian capital. The film is dedicated to the history of the Kazakh dance art and is rich in rare, archival shots of the last century. This is a joint work of director Gaziz Nasyrov and young Kazakhstani choreographer Anvara Sadykova. The film tells about the origins of the national dance and the development of the classical ballet in Kazakhstan through the prism of creativity and the difficult fate of young ballet dancer Zhanel Ulanova.


 - Presentation of the film about the Kazakh national dance and the history of its formation in Ukraine, I think, will give an impetus to the development of cultural and humanitarian cooperation between our countries. In addition, this event is part of the program of Modernization of Public Consciousness.


 - Anvara Sadykova is the co-director of the film. She thoroughly studied the history of dance. She is the author of numerous television programs and films. She has collected a lot of material on this subject that we used to create the film; we also used the data of the state archive. Then, we processed all the material with the help of teachers, educators, choreographers, who talked about history, and created a film.

Archival footage with the first Kazakh ballet dancer Nursulu Tapalova and Shara Zhienkulova, who was called the queen of dance, make the documentary truly unique. The film also included historical shots of 1939 about the work of Aubakir Ismailov, founder of the first ensemble of national dance.


 - Kiev is hosting the premiere of a documentary film "Kazakh Dance" by Kazakhfilm. Of course, I could not miss such an event. Kazakh dance, we can say, is the life of a Kazakh girl.

Filming took place in Astana, Almaty, Kyzylorda, Semey and Shymkent. The film shows the greatness of the Kazakh dance, plasticity and movements that convey the beauty of the Kazakh land, the eagle soaring in the sky, the horse galloping across the wide steppe and the murmur of a mountain spring.