Turkish filmmakers want to make a film together with Kazakh Film Studio

Kazakhstan intends to expand cooperation with foreign countries in the field of cinematography. Kazakh filmmakers discussed the possibility of filming joint projects with Turkey during a meeting at Shaken Aimanov Kazakh Film Studio. As the guests noted, they will make historical films about the great personalities of the Turkic people such as Khoja Ahmet Yassawi, Korogly, and Korkyt ata. A new draft law "On Cinematography" will boost up the industry.


 - The new law provides for tax breaks. We also hope that the number of co-produced films will grow. If there are more joint productions, our films will have the opportunity to enter international markets.

Kazakhstan’s cinema industry is actively developing joint film production with foreign partners in order to reduce the burden on the budget and enter the international film market. Kazakhstan and Russia signed an agreement on the joint production of two new projects on the history of the Central United Film Studio and on the formation of the new capital of Kazakhstan - Astana.