Promotion of Kazakhstan’s film industry

Kazakhstani filmmakers’ productions are gaining international recognition. Kazakh film week was held in Ankara to mark the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Turkey. The festival featured films of famous Kazakhstani director Yermek Tursunov. The film "Shal", based on the story "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway, was presented to the Turkish public on the first day.


- The main themes of my work are history, philosophy, man and God, human relations, Kazakh fairy tales and mythology. We have a lot in common with the Turkish people; I think my stories will be close to the public.


- I highly appreciate the intercultural ties between the two countries. Despite the fact that the film "Shal" was shot in the vast expanses of Kazakhstan, the sequence of events resembles to our village life, the life of Turkish people. I was impressed by the bravery and perseverance of the protagonist. I liked the film very much.

The film of another Kazakh film director Akan Satayev "She" took part in the contest program of the Busan International Film Festival in Korea. The film is about a woman and her daughter, the only inhabitants of the city, who later understand that they are not alone in the city. The work was presented in the category "Window to Asian Cinema". The premiere of the Kazakh film was a great success.


- I really love thrillers. The movie "Lost" was also a thriller. This is our second film. I come across this topic very often, when a person undergoes stress, depression, feels lonely. Therefore, this is a very urgent topic of course. 

Shooting of a joint Kazakh-Chinese film named "Composer" kicked off in China. The film is about the friendship and cooperation of two great musicians Bakytzhan Baikadamov and Xian Xinghai. The first shooting took place in Kazakhstan, now the work continued in Chinese Yanan. The main characters are played by well-known actors Berik Aitzhanov and Altynai Nogerbek. Shooting will finish in December.


- Famous actor Hu Zhong plays the role of musician Xian Xinghai. He grew up in the family of the composer, that's why he understands musician’s personality. The Chinese people value friendship. Therefore, the Chinese are very grateful for the assistance the Kazakh composer provided to Xian Xinghai.

As critics say, Kazakhstan film industry has great development prospects. Kazakh films became more popular among viewers during the years of Independence. The success is due to high quality production; in addition, the films of Kazakhstan's directors are distinguished by an unusual approach and meaningfulness. All this ensures recognition at international film festivals and good distribution.