Samarkand has a big tourism potential

Samarkand has a big tourism potential

Samarkand is a tourist attraction center in Uzbekistan. Its mosques and mausoleums built by the best architects of antiquity are admired to this day. The Shah-i-Zinda Complex is particularly attractive to travelers. It is believed that the great preacher Kussam-ibn-Abbas, the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad, is buried there. The necropolis consists of a number of mausoleums. The tombs were built one after another in different years and even centuries. In ancient times, the mausoleum complex was one of the most significant cultural centers throughout Central Asia.

“After the accession to the throne of Timur in 1370, he began the construction of the historic structure dedicated to the name of Kussam-ibn-Abbas and to those close to Amir Timur on the ruins of the ancient settlement of Afrosiab,” said Khamrakul Kayumov, Researcher of the Shah-I-Zinda Mausoleum Complex.

Shah-i-Zinda is an incredibly majestic complex - as it should be, with many legends, secrets and mysteries. The tombs that are part of the mausoleum ensemble belong to the Karakhanid dynasty and the Timurid dynasty. They are distinguished by their very rich decor. The builders used glass, tiles, carved mosaics and much more. The entrance to the complex was built later. The ensemble comprises of three groups of structures: lower, middle and upper.

“They are not similar to one another in terms of construction, because each mausoleum was built by masters who were brought from different regions. So, the architecture is different. The ornaments, inscriptions, colors and domes are all different,” added Kayumov.

The memorial complex is of particular historical value and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.