Opposition parties in Kyrgyzstan Establish Coordination Council

Opposition parties in Kyrgyzstan Establish Coordination Council

Main opposition parties of Kyrgyzstan established a Coordination Council. However, despite the apparent stabilization, the situation in the country remains alarming for the population, opined Kyrgyz political analyst Emil Juraev in an interview with Kazakh TV. The main requirement of the opposition is new elections. The date has not been determined yet, but they are planned to be held this month, the expert noted. To date, it is proposed to call the current composition of the parliament so that they can legitimately cancel the results of the last vote. The political analyst is confident that now it is more important for the opposition parties to agree among themselves.

“Our opposition is a wide range of parties with different interests, and the main problem is how can they agree to establish an effective interim government. It can either go smoothly, stabilize quickly and get into the law routine. The path most likely lies through the holding of new elections, in taking the oath of new persons. Another path can lead to chaos, when no one obeys anyone and different groups declare themselves responsible for different industries. This can drag on and it will be extremely sad for the country,” said Kyrgyz political analyst Emil Juraev.

Protests of supporters of parties which did not enter the country's parliament erupted on Monday in Bishkek. The protesters demanded to cancel the elections results and hold a new vote. On the same night, activists broke into the Kyrgyz White House building. In their opinion, the elections were not fair. Emil Juraev said that everyone agrees that they were not legitimate and that all the manipulations took place long before they began, except for the three winning pro-government parties.

“This is a massive vote buying in various ways, including the resettlement of about one million people in order to implement the bought votes. This is also an administrative impact on governmental and non-governmental organizations, wherever they could organize massive party votes. Electronic ballot boxes were not the place where the vote was manipulated - it all happened before the elections,” Juraev concluded.



Photo: aa.com.tr