China can provide Uzbekistan with vaccine

China can provide Uzbekistan with vaccine

Uzbekistan has no intention of letting the situation with coronavirus keep on any further. The country’s authorities have previously made a decision to join the COVAX Global Vaccines Facility initiated by the World Health Organization. More than 170 countries plan to procure the vaccines’ pillar. The WHO task is to secure equal access to the licensed COVID-19 vaccines.

China is ready to provide Uzbekistan with a vaccine against coronavirus as well. Uzbek Health Ministry has yet to decide whether they should take it. Meanwhile, experts from China and Russia help local doctors at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19. Local sanitary doctors are concerned that after the lifting of quarantine restrictions, which have been eased 10 days ago, the possibility of the virus spread will increase. Therefore, a vaccine is currently one of the preferable solutions to the situation, which remains stable in the state at the moment.

According to Johns Hopkins University, to date, Uzbekistan registered over 40,600 coronavirus cases.

Kyrgyzstan has 3,000 more cases. 36 more people were infected in the past day in Tajikistan, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases almost to 8,500. Nearly 1,000 patients are being treated at home. Turkmenistan still denies the presence of the disease in the country.