Central Asia keeps up the fight against COVID-19

Central Asia keeps up the fight against COVID-19

The Asian Development Bank will provide a loan of US$100 million to Uzbekistan. These funds will be used to increase the country’s resilience to health emergencies, including the fight against coronavirus. The project will improve the system of testing, diagnosis, and response to COVID-19 cases over the next two years. This will expand the testing capacity of the virus and related diseases in laboratories across the country. In addition, the country will create a digital national COVID-19 surveillance and response system. Its implementation has already begun and will be completed in 2022. According to the official data, to date, there are more than 26,000 coronavirus cases in Uzbekistan. The nationwide death toll now stands at 157.

Meantime, medical facilities in Kyrgyzstan, where coronavirus patients are treated, were provided with additional equipment. A charter flight from China delivered 78 oxygen concentrators with a volume of 10 liters each. New devices were purchased from the national budget and transferred to the Kyrgyz Health Ministry for distribution to the regions of the country. Previously, 1,500 five-liter oxygen concentrators were delivered from China. The next batch is expected next week. According to Kyrgyz Health Ministry, there are more than 37,500 COVID-19 cases in the country. As of August 4, of all registered patients, more than 76 percent have recovered from coronavirus and community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). There are currently more than 7,300 Kyrgyz citizens under treatment in hospitals. The COVID-19 killed 1,427 patients in the country.

43 more coronavirus cases were registered in Tajikistan in the last 24 hours. In total, the COVID-19 infected 7,538 people and killed 61 patients in the country.

Turkmenistan remains the only country in the European region of the World Health Organization that has not reported a single case of disease springing from COVID-19. This statement was made by the WHO experts, who visited the country on a mission from July 6 to 15. A few days ago, the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan issued an order requiring all family doctors to conduct personal visits and complete a report on the health status of Turkmen citizens. In addition, the country’s population is encouraged to complete a questionnaire on personal hygiene, availability of personal protective equipment and antiseptics in the family.



Photo: gazeta.uz