New book about Abai is published in Uzbekistan

New book about Abai is published in Uzbekistan

‘Abai’s Word of Wisdom’ book about the great Kazakh poet Abai Kunanbaiuly was published in Uzbekistan. The book was published at the initiative of the Writer’s Union and with assistance of the ‘Izhod’ public foundation, UzA News Agency reported.

The book author Kodirjon Nosirov said that the new book about Abai’s work will spark a lot of interest among literature fans.

Nosirov previously wrote articles and created teaching aids about the life and work of Abai. Literary critics say that in his new book Nosirov, using various sources, portrays the role of Abai in the history of Kazakh literature and culture, as well as expresses his own thoughts on the issues of the ideological and aesthetic value of the great philosopher’s legacy.

The book reflects Abai’s innovation in the art of words, his dreams and aspirations about a well-rounded human being as a public figure.

The Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan is working on the study and popularization of the literature of the peoples of the world, as well as on the expansion of cooperation in this area. The publication of new books under the slogan ‘Literary friendship - eternal friendship’ will continue with the aim of popularizing the literature of fraternal nations.