Central Asia Nobel Fest Live to be held for the first time this fall

Central Asia Nobel Fest Live to be held for the first time this fall

This upcoming fall will present the world with a new advanced online platform for the exchange of experience between scientists. The first science festival in the region Central Asia Nobel Fest Live 2020 is expected to take place from the 1st to the 4th of October. It will be held in a remote format. However, this will allow including a larger number of the discussion participants such as the Nobel Prize winners and distinguished scientists from all over the world. ‘Science without borders: Where is the world going?’ is the key agenda of this year’s virtual scientific event. Eminent figures will discuss global trends in four main directions, including the future of human capital, technologies that change the world, new frontiers of science and medicine, and an inclusive economy and sustainable development.

Six Nobel Prize winners are among the invited participants of the festival: David Gross (2004 Nobel Prize in Physics), John Polanyi (1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry), Jean-Marie Lehn (1987 Nobel Prize in Chemistry), Richard J. Roberts (1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine), Kailash Satyarthi (2014 Nobel Peace Prize) and Rae Kwon Chung (2017 Nobel Peace Prize). In addition, well-known scientists Don W. Cleveland, the winner of the so-called ‘Oscars of science’ - 2018 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, Michael Sheetz, the winner of the most prestigious award in the field of medicine, and the world famous cyberneticist Kevin Warwick with a nickname ‘Captain Cyborg’ confirmed their participation in the Central Asian online science festival as well. The legendary cryptographer Whitfield Diffie and former World Bank Vice President Johannes Lynn will also take part in the virtual event.

Event organizers say that the Central Asia Nobel Fest Live 2020 will become the effective networking platform. It will bring together people, institutions and businesses to develop science and education in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. In addition, the festival is the first event of a whole series of science symposia, which from now on will be held on an annual basis in different countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus.


Photo: hse.ru