Central Asian countries return citizens, ease quarantine and think about economy

Central Asian countries return citizens, ease quarantine and think about economy

Central Asian countries continue returning their citizens from abroad. Uzbekistan plans to retrieve 11,000 citizens from Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and other states. Uzbekistan Airways will organize 20 charter flights in the next two weeks. A plane from Italian capital of Rome will come this week. When arriving, Uzbek citizens will have to stay at quarantine for 14 days strictly observing with relevant requirements and rules of the World Health Organization. To date, over 4,300 coronavirus cases were registered in Uzbekistan. 237 people were infected with COVID-19 yesterday, which is the biggest number of cases here to get in 24 hours. 3,335 people in Uzbekistan have recovered from the beginning of the pandemic. 17 died.

Kyrgyzstan also keeps returning its citizens from abroad. 402 people come from Moscow to Bishkek this weekend. Kyrgyz Embassy in Russia received more than 5,000 requests from Kyrgyz citizens. Charter flights from Russia to Kyrgyzstan are planned to fly every week in June and July, noted the diplomatic mission. Nearly 1,500 people in Kyrgyzstan recovered from coronavirus. The total number of cases exceeded 2,030.

State headquarters of Tajikistan for countering coronavirus spread instructed to open clothing markets and shops, restaurants, hotels and beauty salons because of “gradual stabilization of epidemiological situation in the country”. The WHO representatives in the state highlighted that Tajikistan has not reached its peak and COVID-19 outbreak can occur again. The authorities call the population to wear masks in public places. As stated by the state headquarters, “subject to amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses, wearing of protective medical masks is mandatory.” Violators will be fined. According to the latest data, over 4,500 people were infected in Tajikistan. About 2,700 recovered, 48 died.

No official reports of coronavirus cases in Turkmenistan have been confirmed yet.


Photo: adyrna.kz