Situation with COVID-19 varies in Central Asian countries

Situation with COVID-19 varies in Central Asian countries
14 more cases of COVID-19 have been registered over the past 24 hours in Kyrgyzstan, bringing the total number of infected people to 1,037. 709 patients have recovered since the first reported case in the country. 12 people died.

The state of emergency and curfew imposed in major cities and several regions in Kyrgyzstan ended on May 10. Quarantine measures still continue.
Sanitary quarantine roadblocks will work until the epidemiological situation stabilizes. Restrictions on entry from one region to another will remain in force, while control will be strengthened. Kyrgyz Deputy Prime Minister Kubatbek Boronov said that the state of emergency can be declared again in case of the coronavirus spread.
23 more cases of coronavirus have been reported in Uzbekistan over the past day, bringing the country’s total number to 2,509. 10 people have died since the moment of the pandemic spread; 1,988 recovered.
Tajik Health Ministry confirmed six deaths from COVID-19 in the country over the past 24 hours, which is the highest figure since April 30, when the first cases of coronavirus were reported.

20 people have died in Tajikistan over almost two weeks.

According to the latest data, 612 people are infected with coronavirus there.
Turkmenistan remains the only country in the Central Asia with no coronavirus cases.