COVID-19: Central Asian countries are easing quarantine measures

COVID-19: Central Asian countries are easing quarantine measures

The number of people infected with coronavirus continues to grow every day. People could have isolated themselves until the end of the pandemic, but this would severely affect the economy of many countries. Leaders of several states take preventive measures that ease the lockdown to minimize the negative impact on the economy. Kazakhstan’s leadership took the same decision: thousands of citizens gradually come back to work.

Epidemiologic situation with coronavirus in Kazakhstan stabilized. The lockdown measures today should be gradually eased. We have to switch step by step to normal lifestyle,” declared Kazakh Chief State Sanitary Doctor Aizhan Yesmagambetova.

Uzbekistan made a decision to ease the quarantine as well. Departments of migration and citizenship began to work yesterday. Registration and examination departments of the road safety management, departments of administrative practice and the diagnostic stations of the road safety management also started working. The number of COVID-19 cases in Uzbekistan reached 2,189. 1,405 patients recovered, ten died.

Kyrgyzstan confirmed 843 coronavirus cases, 600 recovered people and 11 deaths. There is still a high risk of coronavirus spread in Bishkek due to the population density of more than one million people. If the state of emergency in the city ends on May 11, the mayoral office will consider the possibility of introduction of certain restrictive measures. Among other things, internal sanitary posts can be established to restrict the movement of cars and pedestrians.

Meanwhile, it is too early to talk about the easing of quarantine measures in Tajikistan. The deadly virus only starts raging here. To date, the country reported 230 coronavirus cases and three deaths.

No cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Turkmenistan so far. According to the information of Head of the World Health Organization Country Office Paulina Karwowska, the state took very serious measures for the sanitary protection of its territory and behaves responsibly to deal with this problem.

In the meantime, Turkmenistan prepares to celebrate the World War II Victory Day with military parade and festive salute.