COVID-19 is still raging in Central Asia

COVID-19 is still raging in Central Asia

The number of coronavirus cases in Kyrgyzstan reached 590. 216 people recovered, seven died. At the same time, two countries volunteered to assist Kyrgyzstan in the fight against the deadly infection. According to Kyrgyz Health Ministry, a delegation of doctors arrived from China in the country shortly after specialists from Poland started working there.

The number of infected people in Uzbekistan is three times more than in Kyrgyzstan, amounting to 1,657. 261 people recovered, five died. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev instructed to gradually ease quarantine measures in regions, districts and cities with no coronavirus cases. In addition, construction sites of the country restarted working on behalf of the President Mirziyoyev. He highlighted the need to comply with all sanitary and hygienic rules in enterprises that began to work.

In Tajikistan, three people died from pneumonia in April. People who were in contact with them have been placed in quarantine. However, according to the Tajik Health Ministry, no cases of coronavirus were registered among the isolated people.

 “In recent days, bad weather conditions negatively affected the health of citizens. Consequently, the number of respiratory diseases including pneumonia has sharply increased these days,” said the statement.

Not a single case of COVID-19 was reported in Turkmenistan.