Central Asian Countries Take Action to Fight COVID-19 Spread

Central Asian Countries Take Action to Fight COVID-19 Spread
Uzbekistan has received 20 tons of medical supplies as humanitarian aid from China. The cargo was delivered on the special plane of the China’s Ministry of National Defense. The aid included medical disposable gloves, protective face masks, thermal imagers and safety glasses. These protection products will be delivered to the military guards, internal affairs operatives and doctors, who are in a close contact with the infected patients.

Uzbekistan is attracting foreign professionals to fight against coronavirus. Professor Jae Wook Choi has arrived to Uzbekistan from South Korea at the invitation of the Uzbek Health Ministry. Professor will share the international experience, as well as the experience in his own country, in the treatment of COVID-19 patients with the local health workers. Uzbekistan has reported 158 confirmed coronavirus cases.

Meanwhile, Kyrgyzstan has confirmed 107 COVID-19 cases. The government authorities have imposed strict quarantine in the country. Last night, 137 people were detained in the Kyrgyz capital for violating the quarantine rules. So far, 876 people have been arrested for breaking the curfew in Bishkek. The city residents are banned from leaving their homes from 8 p.m. until 7 a.m. People are allowed going outside in the daytime, but only to go to a very limited places, including nearby shop, pharmacy and a hospital. People must carry their passports with them. Upon leaving home, the citizens will have to fill out a special route sheet.

Turkmenistan hasn’t reported any confirmed coronavirus cases yet. In spite of this, the government authorities have reinforced the preventive measures against the spread of the virus. They have restricted the entry to Ashgabat from the regions, as well as the movement of the citizens within the country. People’s body temperature is checked on highways and in public places. In addition, the government has introduced a ban on public events, weddings and other large gatherings.

To date, Tajikistan has no confirmed coronavirus cases. The country remains aloof from the COVID-19 pandemic due to the strict measures that have been introduced for the migrants, coming from Russia and other countries. They are placed in quarantine immediately upon arrival.
Photo: centralasia.media