Tajikistan GetS Ready for Celebration of Nauryz

Tajikistan GetS Ready for Celebration of Nauryz

Preparations for Nauryz in Tajikistan are in full swing. A 30-meter long construction of a sumanak, which is a traditional dish served during Nauryz, on the main square of the Tajik capital, Dushanbe. It took several months to complete the creation of this Nauryz attribute. The construction is made of metal and plastic and consists of seven tiers. Each tier is decorated with ribbons and traditional patterns of all regions of Tajikistan are depicted on them. At the base of the structure is a traditional wooden bowl, and tavak. The diameter of the platter is 16 meters.

“Tavak symbolizes the rotation of the universe and space, which implies the excitement of day and night prior to the coming of Nauryz”, the deputy director of outdoor advertising and decoration of Dushanbe, Sharofiddin Talabov explained.  

Similar installations, but of smaller sizes, were installed throughout the city. The residents of Dushanbe say that the installation reflects the spirit of the holiday of spring, renewal and beginning of a new life.

Sumanak is a meal that is made of sprouted wheat grains. First the wheat is grinded and then boiled using the cottonseed oil with flour added. This process takes 24 hours. The cooking process requires the use of small stones to reduce the risk of the meal to be burnt at the bottom of the Kazan. Traditionally, people prepare the dish with cheerful chants and dances. There is a belief that Sumanak dish gives people physical and spiritual strength.

Photo: asiaplustj.info