Largest Hydroelectric Power Plant to Be Built in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is actively searching for investors for construction of the largest Hydroelectric Power Plant in the region, Kambar-Ata-1. The planned capacity is 1,860 MWh of electricity. The project cost is almost US$3 billion. The high cost of the new renewable energy facility is due to its location. It will be built from scratch, since there is no engineering infrastructure in the region of Naryn River. However, Kyrgyz energy experts said that Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have been expressing their interest in the construction of the plant. Experts pointed out that this will bring some benefits for each party. With participation of the neighboring countries in formation of the spillway from Kyrgyzstan, the water supply will be regulated during spring irrigation and

“We have a memorandum on the joint construction of this HPP. To date, this memorandum is valid. We will have negotiations with Uzbekistan. We plan to conduct negotiations with Kazakhstan as well. If they agree, we will build this Hydroelectric Power Plant together.”, said Chairperson, Kyrgyz National Energy Holding , Aitmamat Nazarov

The urgent need to start the implementation of the project is caused not only by the growing energy consumption in Kyrgyzstan and the Central Asian region, but also by concerns about environmental conditions.

“Currently, this year’s dry season has begun. The amount of water in the Toktogul Reservoir compared to the same period of this year is 1.8 billion cubic meters less. This can be solved by water conservation. To date, we are focusing on the increase of coal use and negotiations with the neighboring countries on supply and commodity exchange.”, Chairperson, Kyrgyz State Committee Of Industry, Energy And Subsoil Use,  Emil Osmonbetov

The Kyrgyz authorities plan to begin the construction themselves. At the first stage, it is planned to construct 150 meters of the dam and build two spillways. Then, energy specialists will pave roads and utility systems. Experts highlighted that the road construction that will go to the main construction site will be finished by the time the new investor comes. According to preliminary calculations, the construction of a hydroelectric power plant will take from 8 to 10 years.