Online Kazakh Language Course for Kyrgyz Students

The Otandastar Foundation has donated a set of computer equipment to a school in Manas village in Shu province of Kyrgyzstan in order to provide the opportunity for the students to learn the Kazakh language online.

The students can learn by having video conferences with teachers in Kazakhstan. There are 240 Kazakh students registered in the school. The school has specialized classes for a number of subjects. The office of Kazakh language is currently available.

“This is a great achievement. We are keeping up with time. Online learning is a big achievement for us. Distance is not a barrier anymore. I’m thankful to the Kazakh Embassy for providing us with this equipment,” said Member of Board of Trustees, Orozali Kamiyev.

The equipment consists of computers for processing information, high-definition video camera, Internet modem, and wide-screen monitors. These equipment are used for high quality video conferencing with teachers in any city of Kazakhstan. Teachers of the school will learn about Abai from their Kazakh colleagues and share their knowledge with their students.

“Our children will learn about the works of the great Kazakh poet. Films based on his works are available to us and we have the opportunity to view and analyze his poems. I think it will bring a lot of benefits for the students,” said School Principal, Marzhak Iskakova.

In addition, the Kazakh Embassy donated books in Kazakh and Russian languages on Abai’s life to the school library.