Kyrgyz Museum Exhibition in Uzbekistan


Exhibits of Sulaiman-Too Museum, which is one of the largest museums in Kyrgyzstan, have been presented in Tashkent. The exhibition is held at the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan.

The exhibits included rare archival materials, manuscripts, historical documents and photographs which allow visitors to get acquainted with one of the oldest centers of civilizations in Central Asia, as well as learn about the history of cultures that formerly inhabited the South part of modern Kyrgyzstan.

The Sulaiman-Too Museum is located in the Osh city at the foot of the holy mountain of the same name. The Sulaiman-Too Sacred Mountain is a national tourist attraction and a popular pilgrimage destination. The museum was built in 1949.

“The exhibition includes artifacts that are interesting to Uzbeks because historically we belong to the same religion and era. We are culturally interconnected. The exhibition portrays the whole history from the 10th century BC to the present day. The museum is located in a cave. There are two floors. We are interested in its main part. The history of three religions has been studied. The religions are considered the originators of Central Asia and these include Islam, Maoism and Zoroastrianism,” said Staff of State Museum of History of Uzbekistan, Bakhtiyor Khodzhayev.

The exhibition was organized as part of the implementation of the agreement between the Sulaiman-Too Historical-Archaeological Museum Complex and the State Museum of History at the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

The event in the capital city will last until the end of this year. The location will move to Samarkand in 2020.