The European Union to Allocate 15 Million Euros for Development of International Trade

The European Union will allocate 15 million Euros for the trade facilitation program in Central Asian countries. Key areas of the agreement include having access to world markets, building the capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises based on international standards and removing trade barriers.

As part of the four-year program, specialists in e-commerce will undergo training while opportunities of women entrepreneurs will be expanded.


- Right now the trade among the five countries is quite low, it is approximately 7 % of the total trade of the five countries and we believe that by helping to overcome these cross border barriers and by helping companies also to join the world e-commerce, we will be able to boost intraregional trade within the five countries as well as international trade, practically to the EU. As the first step it will be important for SMEs to be able to just export to the neighboring markets within the Central Asian region. We have identified a lot of untapped potential for this in the field of agriculture, food, processed food as well as textiles.