Central Asia’s Largest Ski Resort to be Built in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is preparing to open the largest ski resort in Central Asia. The resort will be located at the Tian Shan Mountains which is just a two-hour drive from Tashkent.

The modern slopes will be opened for skiing and snowboarding activities starting from next month. The modern ski resort will be fully equipped with the winter and summer infrastructure in the next five years. A network of ski slopes with a length of more than 20 kilometers is planned to be built.

The resort will also be equipped with gondola lifts of conveyor and chair types as well as with a modern ticketing system. The unique project is a result of cooperation between local and world-class experts from Andorra, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark and Austria.

Operational director, Thomas Thor-Jensen, was a Mountain Director of the Courchevel ski resort. He managed a huge infrastructure there, and now he works with us and he runs this resort. He is a very interesting person with a lot of experience. We expect that our resort will be a small Courchevel in Uzbekistan in the heart of Central Asia,” said Ski Resort Deputy General Director, Valeriy Kim.

Experts said that the opening of the resort will attract many tourists who are engaged in winter sports and provide a platform for the development of tourism in the country.

Photо: sputnik-georgia.ru