Uzbekistan Presents Tourism Opportunities

Tashkent hosts a tourism fair presenting mysterious archaeological monuments, scenic clothing and enchanting melodies. The event presents a new side of Uzbekistan and provides an opportunity for visitors to be acquainted with craftsmen from the Andizhan region for example. The craftsmen make knives, including those made of Damascus steel while the crafstwomen weave the most delicate downy shawls.

According to Head of Craftspeople of Andizhan Region they make these warm shawls manually using sheep wool. And they export the shawls even to Orenburg.

Tourists who love extreme tourism need to constantly seek for new adventures beyond the cities. Therefore, a new leisure option, “Feel Like a Medieval Nomad” is currently being developed.

“Ethnic towns and tourism villages are created so that the visitors can feel like they are back to the 18th century. You probably see the cities of nomads with yurts everywhere. One of the yurts is located outside. We are creating yurt towns in Karakalpakstan in Bukhara,” said First Deputy Chairperson of State Committee for Tourism Development, Ulugbek Kasimkhodzhayev.

Experts said that Uzbekistan offers gastronomic travels as well. The various tourism packages that the country offers are increasing its tourism potential. The number of tourist arrivals in the country has increased by almost 50 percent this year.