Kyrgyzstan hosted the Days of Kazakh Medicine forum

Bishkek hosted the Days of Kazakh Medicine forum. Doctors and scientists from the two republics held meetings in order to exchange their professional experiences at the event. The event participants held discussions on their achievements in medicine, innovations in healthcare and training of medical personnel.

“The First President of Kazakhstan has set a goal to increase the budget allocations for medicine, science and education sectors to 10 percent of GDP. This year, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev announced that the expenditure for healthcare will increase from 3.2 percent to 5 percent by 2025 from the total economic income. 60 percent of the budget will be allocated to primary care and disease prevention,” said Health Minister of Kazakhstan, Yelzhan Birtanov.

The experience of Kazakhstan in medicinal development is important for Kyrgyzstan. The technological healthcare sector in the republic is at a high level. The state support for the medical sector ensures that the services of doctors are accessible to the entire population of Kazakhstan. In addition, there are many Kyrgyz residents who chose Kazakh doctors for quality medical treatment.

“Indeed, our Kyrgyz citizens go there to receive the medical treatment. If the service is affordable and accessible, then it is more or less profitable. Therefore, I think we need to work very closely and engage in mutual partnership with each other in this regard,” said Health Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Kosmosbek Cholponbayev.

The meeting of medical specialists organized at this level provides an opportunity for the medical health practitioners to outline the main areas of healthcare development.