Development of Alternative Energy is being Discussed in Bishkek

Scientific and practical approaches including preservation of the environment, creation of new markets, services and technologies with limited natural resources to the introduction of alternative energy sources are being discussed in Bishkek during the Green Economy Week.

“37 events are planned to be held in different regions of the country as part of the Green Economy Week. A special attention will be paid on issues of sustainable growth of the country’s region as well as identification of ways to promote and develop the green economy in all regions in the country,” said State Secretary of Ministry of Economy, Aidin Sharsheyev.

Alternative energy sources are being actively introduced in the infrastructural development of Bishkek. For example, a ten panel solar collector is installed on the roof of one of the capital's hotels. The heat generated by the panels is used to warm about three tons of water. Meanwhile, experts said that the interest in green technologies is increasing rapidly. In the near future, many modern technologies will offer less costly production methods including in the field of engineering.

“In general, electric transport is slowly developing in our country. Two years ago, there were only two electric cars but last year the number increased to ten. Now people are beginning to understand that it is profitable to use not only electric cars, but also hybrid cars which are also more environmentally friendly,” said Independent Expert on Green Economy, Kylychbek Dzhakypov.

Exhibitions of technologies, specialized seminars, series of educational trainings and practical meetings are planned to be held during the Green Economy Week.