New Technologies are being Introduced at a Bean Processing in Kyrgyzstan

New technologies are being introduced at a bean processing enterprise in Talas region, Kyrgyzstan. Automated equipment was installed at the factory. With the new technological process, the speed of work as well as productivity and quality has increased. Ernis Ziyalov, manager of the automated line, said that there is less risk when all of the equipment are monitored by an operator.

“The equipment cleans beans from dirt, dust and husks automatically by itself. After that, it separates the clean beans from the rotten. There is no need for us to sort the beans manually. You can also see the beans in the video,” said Chief Specialist of Enterprise, Ernis Ziyalov.

“We received a soft loan from the government. We spend the funds by purchasing this equipment in China. Only ten people are working at the enterprise. Now we are preparing to ship the ‘tomato’ beans, which we buy from farmers,” said entrepreneur, Zamir Kenzheshev.

Talas region is commonly well known for agricultural products. Therefore, there is high competition between the enterprises processing and exporting beans to foreign markets. The use of new technologies provides an advantage. Moreover, the authorities support the aspirations of entrepreneurs by providing soft loans for the development of the industry.

“38 enterprises that have been opened over the last nine months include 14 processing factories. For example, the bean processing enterprise in the village of Bakai Ata can pack up to 45 tons of beans per shift; meanwhile a fruit drying enterprise in the village of Minbulak can pack up to 4 tons,” said Head of Regional Development Department of Talas Region, Kazybek Medetbekov.

The new enterprises are advantageous as they allow solving both social and economic issues in the country by providing plenty of job opportunities and growth of export supplies.