Kyrgyzstan Develops Production of Mineral Water

A mineral water manufacturing enterprise is opened in the Naryn region in Kyrgyzstan. The facility was built on the place where a well was drilled during the Soviet era. The mineral water has been bottled recently. Water from 200 meters depth flows through the pipes into the storage device. It is filtered and cooled to five degrees Celsius. This is a prerequisite for carbonation.

“There was no construction near the well, expect for the water that used to flow here. My relatives and I decided to pour the water and we built this small workshop. We began to bottle the water,” said Director of Production, Talant Madanbekov.

The manufacturers started with several hundreds of bottles per hour, but now almost 1,000 bottles are being filled in one hour. The water has a high content of magnesium and calcium. These chemical elements are good for health. Due to poor mineralization, there are no contra-indications, thus it is safe to drink every day.

The manufacturers said that there is an opportunity to increase the volumes of production by five times. The company is planning to obtain an export certificate.