Kyrgyzstan Paid Attention to Cyber-Security

Cyber security is being prioritized in Kyrgyzstan and challenges of the virtual world are given increased attention. These topics were paid particular attention, especially when the country is going through global digital transformation.

The number of government bodies switching from paperwork to cloud technology is increasing in the country. Information is stored in servers. Cyber-attacks are carried out in order to gain access to sensitive data. Experts said that the cyber-attacks can be called a unique form of terrorism. They pose a real threat to the society.

“Firstly, this is done in order to obtain information from us. Secondly, this is also done when attackers demand a ransom. In order to be safe and protect ourselves from cyber threats, we need to understand where the letter came from and what kind of information is requested,” said Director of Park of High Technologies, Altynbek Ismailov.

The Cyber-security Strategy for 2019–2023 and an action plan for its implementation were adopted in order to effectively counter cyber-attacks and protect the interests of citizens in Kyrgyzstan.

In Kyrgyzstan, the Cyber-security Strategy was developed and approved until 2023. There are specific agreements with foreign countries and large international organizations that will share experience and expertise on this issue. Great attention and an important place are given to information security issues when launching large information systems such as the Tunduk system of interdepartmental electronic interaction and the state electronic portal of electronic services,” said Deputy Chairmanof State Committee of IT and Communications, Kubanych Shatemirov.