Resource-Saving Technologies in Agriculture Implemented in Kyrgyzstan

A unique methodology for the introduction of micro-irrigation technology using mineral fertilizers in apple orchards has been successfully implemented in Kyrgyzstan.

Every year, the Nookat district receives up to 100,000 tons of crops.

Local farmers opined that this method of watering plants effectively affects not only harvest, but also the growth and development of trees. Most of the planted apple trees are of the dwarf type.

Local resident Abdulaziz Mamatov successfully turned a stony abandoned land into a blooming orchard. The farmer planted over 23,000 apple seedlings on a territory of ten hectares of land. Using the new technology of micro-irrigation, he is managing the farm very well.

“It was not easy at first, but I have learned the intricacies of the process. All the seedlings were imported from Poland including varieties such as Red Jonaprince, Red Cap, Gala and Idared. Our climate is suitable for the growth of the trees. Even the Poles were surprised by this,” Mamatov said.

The farmer plans to export organic products to foreign markets. Moreover, he is also ready to open a special training center in the future to share his experience of planting and managing apple orchards with other gardeners.