Tajikistan Launched Eco House Construction Project

Energy efficient houses have started to be built in Tajikistan.

The houses are built based on the climatic features of the country and allow maintaining comfort temperature. The important aspect of the smart house construction is the veranda and windows that can only be opened to the southeast, towards the sun. The north part is equipped with ventilation openings. The windows installed in the veranda play an important role, aiming at preserving both light and heat.

The technology was proposed by architects and engineers from France to the Tajiks. The energy efficient housing project has been developed for several years.

Experts said that the number of trees used to heat houses are reduced by two times due to the new housing development.

“Only brick should be used for the construction of these buildings to insulate the walls. The state is not used to do that. The thermal insulation of the ceiling consists of reed or straw which are processed with quicklime to prevent pests and a solution for fire safety,” said Staff of Ecological Organization, Musso Tolibov.

Photо: asiatv.kg