Residents of Bishkek to Use Eco Transport

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will finance the purchase of eco-friendly buses in Bishkek. An agreement was signed this year) on the inclusion of Bishkek into the EBRD Green Cities.

Today, there are nearly 100 buses operating using the natural gas equipment on the streets of Bishkek. Next year several hundred units of eco-friendly public transport are planned to be purchased.

Experts said that such measures will contribute to reducing toxic emissions into the atmosphere.

In order to improve environmental conditions in the city, more residents stop driving cars and switch to bicycles and electric scooters instead.

“It brings freedom since people don’t depend on others. Moreover, it’s a high-speed transport so residents will reach the office very quickly. Most importantly, people see each other and the city around them,” said Advisor to the Mayor of Bishkek, Gulya Almambetova.